CBW-300-1200 GPD
Vertical BW Unit 300 to 1200 GPD
Component BW unit for easy
installation where space is a Premium. Ideal for Restaurants,
small Hotels, large Residential
and Refilling Stations.

Standard Features

  -5 Micron Filters
  -Powder Coated Frames
  -Concentrate Pressure Gauges
  -TFC Brackish Membranes, 99%
    minimum salt rejections
  -Product Flowmeter
  -Concentrate Flowmeter
  -PVC Pressure Vessels
Optional Features
-Recycle Valve
  -Recycle Flowmeter
  -Stainless Steel Pump
  -TDS Monitor
  -Mineral Tank with manual backwash
  -Fiberglass Pressure Vessels
  -50 Hz. Motor