Skid Mounted Seawater Unit 20,000 to 360,000 GPD
Standard Features
  -5 Micron Filters
  -Powder Coated Frames
  -Concentrate Pressure Gauges
  -TFC Seawater Membranes, 99.6 % minimum     salt rejections
  -Product Flowmeter
  -Concentrate Flowmeter
  -Fiberglass Pressure Vessels rated at 1,000 psi
  -316 SS High Pressure Piping
  -Cleaning/Fresh water flushing system
  -Positive displacement high Pressure Pump,     Ni/Al/Bz. Liquid ends
  -TDS Monitors
  -Automatic off specs permeate divert valve
Optional Features
  -Energy recovery Turbines
  -Duplex SS liquid ends Positive Displacement     Pump
  -Duplex SS Multistage Centrifugal Pump in lieu     of PD Pumps
  -Media Filters, Manual or Automatic Backwash
  -50 Hz. Motor